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Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

In India, the best Washing machines brands are the two major South Korean brands namely LG and Samsung. These are two super brands of India, which have more 50 washing machine models at any point of time. Washing machines were once considered a luxury machine only the rich could afford to own. But over the years, it has become an essential household electronic durable just like refrigerators. Considering the labor costs, owning a washing machine really pays off. Further, washing clothes is a physically demanding work.

Many world class washing machine brands are available in India with the recent addition being Siemens and Bosch washing machines. Earlier, companies would have to identify dealers and retailers to introduce their products and there was a huge direct investment involved. But with the advent of ecommerce and the proliferation of e-com sites, MNC''s just advertise and start selling online. However, after sales service is one of the key factors which earns customer loyalty and new comers clearly lose it on to old established players. We have listed the top selling washing machine brands in india READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Indian brands like IFB, Videocon and Godrej have good market share in washing machines. IFB is a great name in washing machines. Trusted for its durability and great wash and fabric care, IFB stands out from the rest of the crowd. Driven by Indian innovation and German technology (Hienrich Schmid AG), IFB enjoys a great brand loyalty among Indian households. From a humble beginning, IFB started with manufacturing fine blanks (IFB stands for Indian Fine Blanking) and then went on to manufacture some of the finest washing machines ever made around the world.

Videocon is a name which is widely popular in India including the most remote parts of the Country. Videocon has the cheapest models of washing machines in any category. While this helps in sales volumes, the strategy has blocked the company from moving up the value chain for many years. They have got brands in the fold including Electrolux which are priced a little higher.

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Brands in India

Godrej washing machines have both budget models and high-end models which are priced in the range of INR 40,000. Godrej has many decades of experience in selling consumer electronics mostly the "big three" viz. refrigerators, air-conditioners and washing machines. It has over 50 models to choose from with the top-end models featuring Turbulator, direct drive, tilt open drum and tub clean. However, new entrants like Intex, BPL (re-entry) and Onida (poor service) are to be avoided. Korean company are known for their unbeatable after-sales service.

LG is the market leader in consumer durables segment in India with over 30% market share. LG clearly wins in factors viz. service network which is most important factor consumers consider while buying durables. LG has over 100 models in washing machines and offers a wide choice from basic features to the most advanced including world first 6 Motion direct drive technology. LG has both front loading and top loading models.

Samsung enjoys a good market share in Indian consumer electronics segment. Samsung closely follows LG in terms of product differentiation and has more than 100 models with prices too matching LG. Samsung has good service network which are operated directly by the company. While companies like ONIDA almost follow the fly-by-night model and tends to forget customers once the product is sold, South Korean companies give utmost importance to after sales service.

Whirlpool is a clear winner in both washing machines and refrigerators. Initially the company focused on many products but later began focusing on few products and introduced many models and variants with much emphasis on product differentiation through R&D and service network.The design stands apart from other brands. They do not sell front load models. The top load machines in the high end come with capacities up to 11 kg.

The semi-automatic models start at around INR 8500 while the top end sells at INR 30,000 upwards. Whirlpool machines are sturdy and hence last for many years. The machines start giving troubles after 5 years when a little servicing can take the life up to 10 years. German companies Bosch and Siemens make some of the best washing machines in the world which are now sold in India as well. Bosch is synonymous with technology. The German industrial conglomerate has thousands of patents and technical know hows which it shares with almost all the major automobile manufacturers in the world. In India, Bosch is not so popular, but still their machines are a pride to own.

Siemens is the market leader in India in the electrical control cabinets segment. Siemens also has some presence in consumer electronics and markets washing machines, refrigerators, cooking appliances which are priced in the premium range.Siemens lacks the dealer and service network and as a result sales are very poor. However Siemens is one of the few companies which make cloth dryers.

Hitachi washing machines are great but very costly and not available everywhere even in some popular e-commerce stores. Hitachi had gained ground in the consumer electronics segment mostly with its air-conditioners which are the most preferred after O General. Hitachi washing machines start at a capacity of 7 kg up to 10 Kg. Prices start at INR 25000 upwards which is about 60% greater than ordinary models from Samsung and LG. Panasonic washing machines are not a household name, but still the products are in every bit as great as LG or Samsung. Panasonic has over 25 active models at any point of time. The company focuses on service as well to strengthen its foothold.

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