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Best 10 Most Valuable Shoe Brands in India

Footwear market in India is highly unorganized with many local brands still dominating the market. But few popular shoe brands in India are a favourite among a small percentage of rich, urban and youth segments. While Bata is the most trusted brand in top footwear brands in India, the likes of Nike, Adidas and Reebok has clearly outshined Bata in the metro cities and urban India.

Men who looking for formal shoes brands the formal shoe market is now dominated by Red Tape, Lee Cooper, Ruosh, Florsheim, Franco Leone and Clarks. Most of these brands have a models starting from 1500 rupees onwards. Quite recently, Puma is the fastest growing shoe brand in India. With the fitness revolution gaining momentum in India, many overnight canvas shoe brands have taken birth and are finding their way into the market. We have listed the best shoe brand for men by current market trend READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Top 10 Shoe Brands in India (Most Popular & Famous)

Khadims, a single showroom with its own brand of shoes and sandals are now present in most metroes, suburbs and tier two cities. Louis philippe, the popular apparel brand is also selling leather formal shoes for premium pricing. Asics, the Japanese sports shoe is preferred by atheletes and sports persons in India. The rise of online ecommerce has paved way for many new famous international brands to make quick and easy entry into Indian markets.

Brogue is a new entry in India with fantastic options including its very popular Derby models. Domestic brand Liberty also has good models at budget prices. Action shoes which had a good market share lost ground after the entry of brands like Hush Puppies. Steve Madden shoes which puts more emphasis on style, design and latest fashion is catching up with the urban youth. School shoe market is loyal market with parents sticking with the brand which suits well for their kids. Bata is the indisputable leader in school shoe market with many models catering to each age group.METRO shoes has good presence in urban market especially the Tier I cities. The recently launched "DaVinchi" brand of leather slip-ons are available in many colors. 

This list created for who wants to buy costliest & branded shoes in India. At IndiaT20, we analyzed famous brands and has come up with the Top 10 Most Valuable Shoe Brands in India.

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