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Top 10 Best ladies jeans brands in india

Jeans was not popular with Indian women till a a decade back. It was considered a social stigma for women to wear Jeans. But with more women becoming economically independent and socially active both inside and outside the family, dress choices were no longer controlled by men or elders in the family.

The past decade witnessed many MNCs and domestic companies flooding the Indian market with many Jeans models for Women. But few companies stayed on top generating brand loyalty among Indian Women. Here is the list of Top 10 Women''s Jeans brands in India READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10.

Since the arrival of online stores, many new brands are becoming popular among next generation women and girls in India. Vera Moda which has show rooms in malls in Metro cities has many models listed online. Women fashion is always changing and so is their brand preference. Aggressive promotions and brand positioning has paid dividends for brands like Vera Moda while Mango has won customer loyalty purely on quality and styling.

Tommy Hilfiger, Dorothy Perkins, Gas and American Swan are some international brands which sell many models in Tier I cities primarily because they sell only international style models which is a perfect fit for slim body type. In rural India, Lee Cooper, Bare, Lee and Levis are popular not only they are present in every showroom even in small towns, but because they are style for Indian women.

As the hip size increases, Jeans models become very limited except in popular names. Pricing is another factor which increases as the brand equity increases. While Bare, Lee, Jealous21 are avaialble for less than Rs. 1000, Wrangler, Lee Cooper and US Polo are sold less than Rs. 2000. Gas is little costly but he fit and style components stand out. Vera Moda is styled for the diva which includes celebrities, movie stars and the ultra rich as it is not affordable for the middle class women.

Top 10 Best ladies jeans brands in india

HRX by Hrithik Roshan is extremely customized for Indian ladies and their activities. ONLY, a brand which is fast catching up comes in many colors and shades. Roadster, Kraus, People and Moda Rapida are fast catching up the online market with many color and shades. G-Star and Calvin Klein are very costly without any elements are haute couture. Even with more than 50 brands of ladies jeans sold online and still many new unknown brands flooding the market, only a few enjoy majority of the market share.

Jaw dropping models like worn-out and torn jeans are still not welcome among many families and cultures. Regular and straight fit jeans are still the largest selling model in India irrespective of the brand. Booties (boot cuts), low rise, high rise, flared and tapered jeans are styles which fashion out after occasional spike in demand for some seasons. Skinny fit jeans which are now a trend in India are not too comfortable to wear given the climate in most parts of the country.

Ladies are generally less concerned about brands than the fit when it comes to clothing. Compared to men’s attire, women clothing enjoys a considerable less market share in online sales. Leggings have emerged as the most preferred underpants as they are cheap and easy to wear complemented by jeggings which look exactly look like denim except in texture. But the majesty of denim clothing is still not lost with denim sales increasing year by year.

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