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Top 10 Chettinad Non-Veg Restaurants in Chennai

Non-Veg restaurants in Chennai are famous for their chettinad cuisines. In the past decade, some of the best non-veg restaurants revised their menus and started serving north indian food. Quite recently, Parambriym is among the few restaurants which are re-defining the way chettinad cuisines are prepared and served without losing the orginal flavour in the curries. While dishes like Mutton Peratal, chicken chettinad, Nandu rasam, Aatukaal soup and Vazhapoo vadai are found in the standard menu, the quality and taste varies from one place to another.

In the past decade, the advent of many Arabian restaurants in Chennai has overshadowed chettinad food's popularity for a while. But demand for chettinad cuisines was always on the rise and the new restaurants from tier II cities and towns in south Tamilnadu stormed the Chennai so more branches of south indian non-veg restaurant opened in chennai. Chettinad Cuisine one of the few surviving cuisines in India and it has been extensively used as a sales jargon to promote non-vegetarian restaurants in Chennai.

10 Best Chettinad Non-Veg Restaurants in Chennai

While erstwhile popular restaurants like Anjappar, Ponnusamy and Karaikudi are not doing great in certain pockets, they still have a big chunk of loyal customers. All these restaurants are famous for their pure ingredients and taste. Parambriym is new entry with 6 branches in Chennai. Maplai in Nungambakkam is also catching up with its original menu. The very famous Dindigul Thalapakatti serves many chettinad soups, curries and starters besides their trademark Biriyani. Kurunji restaurant and Velu Military hotel are equally good. Five hotels are run chettinad food festivals in the in-house restaurants all around the year. 

Besides the rising popular of Arabian restuarants, Chettinad food still hasn't lost its shine. Chennai is home to most of the popular Chettinad restaurants in India. Besides most of the people adhering to the habit of fasting one or two days per week, non-veg restaurants have flourished during the last decade. Here we will take a look at the Top 10 Chettinad Non- Veg Restaurants in Chennai.

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