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Top 10 Best Parotta Restaurants (Stalls) in Chennai

Parotta has many avatars and all of them can be tasted in Chennai. Wheat parotta, border parotta, Kerala (Malabar), Virudhunagar, Thoothukudi, Malaysian and Ceylon are some of the best selling types in Chennai. Buhari wheat parotta is the healthiest of all. Virudhunagar variety is the tastiest but it is deep fried making it unfit for the health conscious.

The popular school of thought recommends avoiding eating the most sought after tasty food at all costs. Even with all the ill effects of the dish being discussed as a hot topic in health forums and shows in media and magazines, it is still the hot selling tiffin item only next to idli and dosa. For parotta likers we have picked the best parotta in chennai READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Top 10 Best Parotta Restaurants (Stalls) in Chennai

After many years being celebrated as a street food, parotta is now served in every fine dine restaurant in Chennai.  Border Rahmath of Chengottai (Kuttralam) opened its maiden branch in G N Chetty road paving way for many such famous shops from small towns to spread their wings in Chennai. Viridhunagar famous Burma Kadai opened its branch in Annanagar, but has to close shop only after few years of operation. Despite being liked by many, it is still considered a cheap dish and not many are ready to pay high prices leading to the failure of shops like Burma Kadai.

When it comes to parotta stalls, the basic expectation from customers in the complimentary salna (Kuruma).  Even in air-conditioned shops like Alif Biriyani in Medavakkam, the gravy is complimentary. Alif Biriyani serves special Malaysian parotta and salna (kuruma) sans Ajinamoto. The varieties run into over a dozen among which the mutton stuffed item (Muruthapa) is the best and the costliest too. Compared to Sithiq located few hundred metres away, pricing is very attractive in Alif.

The restaurant is quite small but air-conditioned. It is open till 12 pm making it easy for perfect after party spot. Crescent Hotel in Nungambakkam, a favorite among party animals serves attractive combos even in midnight. It serves the wheat version.

Sithiq Malaysian Parotta is another attempt in capitalizing on the craziness for the cuisine. With 15 odd items representing various flavors of the dish, the rest of the menu is a mix of chettinad, north Indian and Chinese. However, it serves the best Mutton Muruthappa in Chennai. No wonder, it is full house on weekend.

Though part of the reason can be attributed to the fine dine, taste definitely plays a role. Restaurants like Ente Keralam, Samco, Firdouse, Coronet and Hotel Runs in Adyar serve good parotta. Even Buhari which is famous for its Biriyani has many fans for its wheat parotta.

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