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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Jayanagar has turned into a favorite hangout spot in South Bangalore and the best restaurants are opening branches in the locality vying for a slice of the premium eat-out market. The ever increasing number of restaurants proves to be an advantage for the customers with many choices of cuisines in all budget categories.

Even with the arrival of many specialty restaurants serving western dishes, south Indian restaurants still steal the show. However, those looking for a drink along with food should give a miss to south Indian delicacies because most restaurants which serve drinks serve only non-vegetarian Indian dishes or Italian, Mexican, American, European, Chinese or Thai food. Being a hotspot in town, Jayanagar has its fair share of big restaurant chains like Barbeque Nation, Absolute Barbecues, Adyar Ananda Bhavan and Maiyas. Here is the list of top 10 best restaurants in jayanagar READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Themed restaurants like Gufha, Eshanya and Cable Car do have a niche fan following among adventure seeking urban crowd if not through the taste of their menu but for the very effort in making a difference (Remember Purple Cow).

Jayanagar 4th block is the epicenter and the most happening place. Taaza Thindi is the best place for having Tiffin items and the delicious chutney and sambar adds to the taste.  Cinc., with its peaceful ambience is ideal for having a business conversation  and still more apt for romance proposals. Cinc. serves drinks but it is definitely not the place for party animals. Tangra and The Lounge are equally good places in 4th block for having drinks with food. Besides The Lounge, Eden Park has four sections (Tangra, Divina & Eden Express) each serving a specific type of food.

Eden express is ideal for quick bytes and take-away dishes like Sheekh kebabs, Shorba and non-veg platters. Sofraah serves pan-Asian food in original taste. Tangra serves mostly north Indian while The Divina is for desserts like ice creams and beautiful cup cakes. Grill Square is the best live barbecue restaurant in Jayanagar which serves beer along with food. The barbecue buffet is a value for money and heavy eaters can definitely opt for Grill Square rather than wasting money on A La Carte restaurants which charge over 200 rupees for every five pieces of chicken or mutton.

Bangalore has celebrated A2B restaurant as the best example of a vegetarian restaurant in the past decade. The self-serving model has also caught up with the youth of the city. However, A2B has been steadily increasing price and decreasing quantity in the recent years. In Jayanagar, vegetarian alternatives to 1947 include 1947, Agaman and Taaza Thindi which are more affordable than A2B. 1947 is recommended for north Indian dishes while Maiyas, Bangalore’s home grown restaurant chain operates a branch in Jayanagar serves an exquisite south Indian vegetarian menu.

Jayanagar has many restaurants cum bars (Resto-Bar) which serve tasty starters, fine wine, cocktails and imported liquor. Once upon a rooftop provides a relaxing ambience. With a wide choice of drinks, cocktails and tasty side orders, this restaurant is a winner among high class customers. The wood-fired pizza is just awesome and once you taste them, it will definitely instigate a saliva rush the every time you plan to have them. Separate smoking and non-smoking area is good thinking. Those who like shisha, cocktails and snacks, Brews N Bytes can do the wonder though we advise to keep your expectations low

At the Yellow Chilli resto-bar, dishes unheard-of fill the menu and it’s better to try one at a time as some of them aren’t that good for every taste bud. In-house restaurants of star hotels offer great dining experience though they are very costly. Golden Oak in La Marvella is one such place with nice interiors, great food and fantastic service. 

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Jayanagar, Bangalore

Spicy food has always been the star attraction in Jayanagar. Chettinad and Andhra restaurants still thrive as they have a fan following among foodies who are crazy about spicy native cuisines. Meals at Nagarjuna Chimney served in banana leaves is a feast by itself. The menu is not that large but even a simple meal with mutton gravy or chicken gravy is enough to give the same satisfaction you’d get having a unlimited buffet. Shivaji Military hotel and Chettinad Kitchen serve delicious dishes prepared by master chefs.

Chinese restaurants like Chutney Chang are okay to try once in a while. Though Chutney Chang serves Indianised version of Chinese cuisines, China China seems little original (the red theme interiors really look great). There are few Arabian restaurants like Schwarma rolls, Khan Saheb grills and Rolls which are definitely worthy of trying out.

Mughal Durbar and Village- the soul of India and Subz are other places where cuisines from around India are served to satisfy every type of foodie. For desserts, Jayanagar has many places which are famous for their cup cakes, brownies and ice-creams. Rollover and Ganache Factory are some places that won’t disappoint for sure.

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