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10 Best Restaurants in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is great place to try out cuisines from around the world. There are lot of best restaurants in pondicherry and best places to eat which cater to tourists from different parts of the world.

Most favourite rciepies Wood fired pizzas, pastas, burgers, grills, barbeques, tandooris and kebabs along with cocktails and wines offer a feast for your tongue. To taste and eat all this items in pondicherry then you need to find pondicherry restaurant that near to your place. For make this task simple to you we have selected the top 10 best restaurants in Pondicherry which could prove to a good food guide in the city READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10.

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Pondicherry

French restaurants serve original French cuisines without compromising the taste and flavor. For spicy food lovers, Appachi chettinad restaurant serves dishes borrowed from the neighborhood chettinad towns which are preserved and fine-tuned from generation to generation.

Breads, chocolates, brownies and pastries are served in their best taste and form in Zuka Choco-La, the best reviewed restaurant in Tripadvisor. Theevu Plage, a small beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea in Bodhi beach serves well prepared seafood cuisines. Thai and French food dominate the continental menu which uses fresh catch sourced from local fisherman.

Suguru Thali is unbeatable when it comes to lunch for vegetarian food lovers. Among the best restaurants in Pondicherry, Surguru stands as the lone spot to try authentic vegetarian food. Standing true to their motto “There is a Surguru wherever you are in Pondicherry”, they run four branches in different regions of Pondicherry. Hotel Pondicherry Saravana Bhavan which borrows its name from the famous chain stands true to its name. The dosas, thali and kuruma are mouth watering.

However, the ambience is not that great. The India Kaffe Express located in French quarters serves great waffles, salads, rolls and paranthas. It’s Calcutta and Mumbai special dishes have the taste and aroma intact. Satsanga serves French and Italian dishes. The small place serves wood fired pizzas. Satsanga is one of the few places that serve good beef steaks.

Pondicherry very famous pizzerias attract more crowd than any other type of restaurant. Café Xtasi has more regular customers than any other restaurant in Pondicherry. A simple restaurant with a exquisite menu of wood fired pizzas, it stands among the very few pizzerias to serve the Italian dish at its best in India.

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