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Top 10 Best Street Foods From India

Street foods are very popular in India which not only gives a chance for the tourists and visitors to taste the traditional cuisines street food of India, but also serves to the hungry stomachs to millions of Commuters, homeless indians and the great Indian middle class.

Besides the fact that they are cheap, most street foods in India are very tasty compared to their counterparts in five star hotels.

#1 Vadapav

on the go round the clock? Most train commuters could just spend 10 minutes and 10 rupees to satisfy their hunger stopping by at any of the mobile restaurants which serve delicious Vadapav. A cutting Tea would complement though it adds up to the price.

#2 Idli

South Indians love Idlis. Millions of people take this food in street restaurants which line up busy roads and upscale localities alike in villages, towns and metros. An idli might come as cheap as Rs 2 to Rs 50 depends on where you eat it.

The fact that this dish is steamed unlike dosa(another South indian specialty) is an incentive for the health conscious

#3 Bread Omlette

The National Egg Co-Ordination committee recommends one egg per day. Any dietician would recommend bread omlette as a dish with decent calorie value without adding bad cholestrol.

Besides its easy and quick to make one. A hot one on a rainy day is a feast to the salivary glands.

#4 Samosas

Top 10 Best Street Foods From India

These crispy triangles could be a nice hunger satisfier. They are good when they are served hot. Just like potato chips, Samosas sans crispiness loses their charm. They come with lot of stuffing depends on where you take it.

#5 Puttu

Puttu is a very famous dish in Kerela,TamilNadu and other coastal places in India. It can be consumed with rich dressing and add-ons.

But for the hungry, it could prove to be quite a filling meal for as little as Rs 10 with just few table spoons of sugar /papad/banana. Puttu is typically sold in Tattukadas in kerala.

#6 Poori-Subzie (or Bhaajee)

Poori-Subzie (or Bhaajee)  is available mostly in North India, especially in Uttar Pradesh. The curry (subzie) consists usually of potatoes in gravy.

Sometimes, especially in the southern part of the country the potatoes do not have gravy and the poories are exclusively made up of refined flour (maida).

#7 Aloo Tikki (Chaap)

Aloo Tikkis are patties made up of mashed potatoes and masala deep fried in oil. They are served typically with a curry called Chholey (chick peas).

They are popular in winter in North India.In the Eastern part of the country, potato patties dipped in flour batter and deep fried and sold as "Chaap".

#8 Pav Bhaajee

Pav(bread) is soaked in butter and served with Bhaajee(a side dish). The Subzie(Bhaajje) is prepared from crushing cooked potatoes, tomatoes, chillies(powder), onions and made into a paste and kept hot for many hours in a wide pan. Pav bhaajee is a mandatory in any chat menu across India.

#9 Mirchi Bajji

Bajjis are very popular in the country with each part having its own version. The common recipe is to cut chilli peppers and dip the chilli in batte r(usually of gram flour) and deep fry in a big mouthed pan until the flour turn to golden color.

Bajjis are served with chutneys or kethups or sauces. They serve as good hunger busters in the evening.

#10 Channa or chickpeas

These days, Channa is served seperately (Channa bathura is still a popular street food) seasoned with flakes of thin samosas specially made for the purpose, onions and a slice of lime.

Every bus and train station has many vendors selling Channas. Another great food to taste on the go. Hope you like this list of top 10 street foods.