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TOP 10 PC Games in India

Who wouldn''t like to play video games? With so many games available for IPhones, IPads and Androids, PC versions of games are still popular owing to the big screen and graphic resolution which makes playing games in PC, a better experience.

Here we present the Top 10 PC Games in India.

#1 Portal 2

At top spot is Portal 2, a must play experience that keeps you smiling even after a month, you must have come across the first in the series "Portal".

Oh yes, this is just a sequel to Portal that was released way back in 2007. A totally different game from the traditional ones. Play them, the rest let me know.

#2 Fifa 12

One of the most popular and exciting soccer game of all time, are you a football fanatic? Then I would recommend you to get yourself the Fifa 12. This version of Fifa is arguably the best among its predecessors.

One of the aspects that make it the best game by far is its off-pitch issues; this brings the game more closely to reality.

#3 Cricket 2007

Cricket fever never stops in India, or does it? It does beyond the cricketing stage and extends to gaming as well. This fantastic game includes some excellent graphics and good game play. Cricket lovers are in for a treat with this game in the bag.

#4 Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Though being a cricketing nation, we do have a lot of passion for football. The Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is another jelly bean developed by Konami. No game awards have eluded them. Was named Best Sports Game for the Wii by IGN at the 2008 video game awards.

#5 Age of Empires 3

The only Strategy game that makes it to our top 10 list is the ''Age of Empires 3''. Like the other top game franchises, Age of Empires too has several versions. But Version 3 makes the final cut.

The player goes through the various technological ages as he keeps building his wealth and army eventually conquering the entire earth. It was one of the best computer games in 2005.

#6 Prototype

Looking for an action adventure game. Well, ''Prototype'' deserves all the acclaim. The game play is similar to ''The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

#7 Call of Duty- Modern warfare 2

Here comes one of the  most exotic action pack game ''Call of duty- Modern Warfare 2'' developed by Infinity ward. If you love action with all the first person shooting and killing, you''re in for a lifetime experience with this one.

It contains 3 game play modes. And the most exciting one being the multiplayer game mode. This particular game engine uses a ''dynamic AI'' which means your enemy gets smarter with every move you make in the game.

#8 Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas

Ever thought of games where you eat, sleep, swim or even work out in gym? Well here''s the perfect one for you. ''Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas'', the whole game revolves around the city of San Andreas.

This one doesn''t have any time frame to reach goals or clear levels; instead the game is played at will without these constraints, though the game''s progress depends on completion of certain tasks. Definitely not the game you should miss.

#9 Need for Speed- Most Wanted

Need for Speed, arguably the best racing game ever created. All credits to EA Black Box. ''Most Wanted'' being the 9th installment of the Need for Speed series. What makes this particular version a stand out is its ''No rules whatsoever'' slogan.

The racer can take shortcuts, smash into opponents and leap over ramps; we can shake off the cops as well. Sound''s cool isn''t it?

#10 Counter Strike

TOP 10 PC Games in India

Remember times when your school teacher used to blast you for bunking school? The reason - Counter Strike at the nearest Game Cafe.

This game is a real craze even now with the online version of Counter Strike coming into fray. A typical multiplayer arcade game where two sides fight each other till death.