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Top 10 Diseases & Causes of Death in India

India's life expectancy at birth lags behind all the developed nations in the world. While common Flu if untreated put children at risk, recent variants like dengue and swine flu are though to be very dangerous. Stomach ailments and diarrhea claims many lives especially children below age 5. 

Lifestyle diseases and stress contributes indirectly to many diseases in India. Drought and poverty claims many lives every once in 5 years in certain parts of the country. While government has made many efforts to provide food security, practical difficulties and operational inefficiency makes it hard to reach certain sections of people in certain parts of the country.

Diseases are the most important causes of death in the modern world especially after invention of many vaccines. While, war continues to be a threat to human lives in certain parts of the world, it is put off in many parts by various peace treaties and international organisations.

Diabetes is not a direct cause of death in India, but it brings out many complications like kidney problems which push the patients to terminal stage. Diabetes is a common among south Indians especially because of excessive rice consumption and stressed life style. In states like Gujarat, though rice is not consumed by the population, life expectancy is still about the national average. Gujarat state does not have liquor shops in the entire state and most of the population does not consume meat, but still it lags far behind Kerala which is known for its free liquor policy and heavy meat consumption.

Tobacco consumption is visibly the most important factor which causes most deaths after the age of 50. While Gutkha and Pan Products contribute to oral cancer, smoking causes lung cancer as well as many heart diseases. Obesity is perhaps the rising problem in India which could become a killer syndrome in the future.  Another major cause of death is road accidents, in which India leads the world by numbers and deaths and injuries caused by them.

At India T10, we have analysed the Top 10 Diseases in India and Causes of Death in India and present it to you.

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