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Top 10 Best Bharatanatyam (Classical) Dance Schools in Chennai

The Best Bharatanatyam Classes in Chennai are located mostly located around Mylapore, but most classes are not taught by professional. Bharatnatyam classes in Chennai have played a vital role in the preservation of the classical dance art.While Kalashetra teaches the classical form and is celebrated as the worlds''s best classical dance institute, not everyone can afford to learn from the academy.

Bharatanatyam classes located in your neighborhood should come as the first choice. Though dance classes are conducted mostly three days a week, students spend many years before they master the art. With increasing traffic, getting to the classes are very difficult even if you stay few kilometers from the dance school. Finding the best Bharatanatyam school for is one of the tough job as you don't have any idea about Bharatanatyam before so we have create this list READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Most Bharatanatyam school insist 100% attendance as even missing few classes can affect your learning curve especially during the early stages. Chennai and the Bharatanatyam Connection Chennai,which is often hailed as the Cultural capital of south India is home to the best Bharatanatyam schools in the world. Bharatanatyam as a dance form has gained significance among westerners who are attracted to the cultural diversity of India. Shobana's Kalarpana is now gaining momentum as they conduct long running shows and workshops throught the year in sabhas giving the students more exposure.

Top 10 Best Bharatanatyam (Classical) Dance Schools in Chennai

The famous institute Kalashetra stands tall as the torch bearer of the classical dance form which is counted as the pioneer in teaching the most authentic form of Bharatanatyam . Quite recently one the students from Kalasehtra was featured in the Hollywood superhit film, The Life of Pi. Many of the world''s famous Bharatanatyam have their roots in Chennai. University of Madras offers a Master of Arts (MA) program in Bharatnatyam. However, it is more theoritical and may help in researching the art form and its evolution than learning it.

Some of the most popular movie stars who became famous in bollywood for their Bharatanatyam skills including vyjayanthimala,Padmini, Sridevi and Hema Malini had learnt Bharatanatyam in their childhood from eminent Gurus in Chennai. But it was Rukmini Devi who put Chennai in the world map as the Bharatanatyam capital of the world.

The Association of Bharatanatyam Dancers of India is also head quartered in Chennai. Here are the Top 10 Best Bharatanatyam Classes in Chennai which have become popular among classical dance enthusiasts around the world.

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