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AMMA TNFDC Fish Stall Chennai

At a time when fish prices are skyrocketing, Dr.J.Jayalalitha (AMMA) launched the AMMA TNFDC Fish stalls in many key locations in Chennai. Seer (Vanjiram) which is sold at Rs 900 upwards in super markets is sold T Rs 600 in the TNFDC fish stalls.

AMMA TNFDC Fish Stall Chennai

TNFDC fish stalls do have some disadvantages. While most fish shops do not charge for cutting and cleaning though customers shell out tips as a habit, TNFDC has a separate section where customers have to wait in the queue for cleaning and slicing the purchase. Seer fish is sold at a premium to other fish shops in the locality. Unlike local shops which round-off the weight to the nearest price which is a practice in our country, TNFDC charges for every gram.

For example, if the seer fish weighs 1050 grams, it is rounded-off to 1 kilogram, but TNFDC calculates it as 1050 grams resulting if 5-10 % difference in price. Tokens are issued in TNFDC which is a good thing and fair practice. Even with the introduction of tokens, the waiting time is at least half-an-hour on Sundays and one has to virtually spend the whole of the precious Sunday morning to buy fish from TNFDC.

Since the business is run by sub-contractors, they often prevent other players to venture out in similar fashion in the area creating the monopoly kind of atmosphere. So, what should otherwise benefit the public is not so much in practice with predatory business practices killing competition by using government name.

Though government introduced the scheme with the intention of public benefit, the bureaucracy has not been so in making it a reality. In the beginning, TNFDC was really good but after winning many customers and spreading to many locations it has become an avenue for private agents to make good money. It is still better than most fish stalls in terms of cleanliness and quality, but definitely not sold for subsidized prices which it the primary intention of the scheme.

Besides the mobile stalls, TNFDC also has a door delivery unit which sells fish in slices, fillets and fingers.

The best part is that the prices are updated every day at the website ww.tnfdcltd.co.in/chennai_unit.html