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6 Best Resorts in Poovar Island

Kovalam beach which is another tourist spot near Puvar has lot of best hotels.Puvar has very few hotels with the stay. Puvar hotels are usually very far from the downtown or townships. While Kovalam has many famous five star hotels, Puvar has very few hotels which are mostly developed like resorts aimed at leisure tourism. Unlike Kovalam which attracts business travelers as well, Poovar is mostly visited by tourists.

While Poovar Island Resort (PIR) is arguably the best in Poovar, so many visitors are misguided as if it is the only resort. There are a bunch of resorts in Poovar and some are even better than PIR in many aspects. Also, you don’t have to stay in a resort to get the feel as there are boat services like Leela Backwaters can take you around the island and even drop you at the famous floating restaurant. While most resorts have guest pick up and drop service, most resorts are accessible only by motor boats.

Poovar Island is relatively safe with no track record of any serious crime, but visitors should be cautious especially if you do not converse in local language. Family visitors should stock kids’ necessities (napkins, milk supplements and medicines) especially for infants and toddlers. There are no wild animals cited in the island and the canals and lakes do not have any crocodiles or poisonous snakes.

Poovar Island Resort

Poovar Island Resort is the most popular resort in Poovar. It is one of the few resorts in India with floating cottages. Surrounded by water, these floating cottages offer an amazing experience. The Ayurvedic spa packages offer complete rejuvenation in addition on top of a memorable vacation. Not too far from Trivandrum, the busy capital city of Kerala, Poovar Island’s serene beauty is unfolded to you in terms of clear waters, sunny sandy beach and a great sunset and sunrise view.

Resort are often isolated and sometimes you might get bored. Engage yourself activities viz. speed boating across the Poovar backwaters and Neyyar River, outdoor barbeque, cooking classes and yoga classes. Sunset cruising is not to be missed as well. The resort also has a swimming pool, gym, library and a beach volleyball court.

Estuary Island Resort

As the name suggests, Estuary Island Resort (EIL) is located on the edge of an estuary at the junction of backwaters and sea. Pick up and drop is arranged by the motor boats owned by the resort. The beach between the estuary and sea is crisp and clear.
There are three restaurants Ripples which offers a normal environment and serves multi-cuisine, the sea food barbeque which serves experimental barbeques of fishes you have probably never heard of cooked with the best of Kerala spices. The Deck Dining is perhaps the experience you’ll not want to miss during your stay in EIL. Dinner is served in a private dining area set up on a raised deck overlooking the waterfront. It is especially an activity not to be missed if you are on a honeymoon trip.

Isola Di Cocco

Isola Di Cocco (a rather strange name) is comparatively cheaper and they call themselves an Ayurvedic heritage resort. They do have a tree house. However, the Ayurvedic packages are affordable only for the rich tourists (starts at 800 euros).

Havelia Island Resort

Havelia Island Resort is more eco-friendly with real wood furniture, the roofs of cottages thatched with grass straw and false ceiling made from eco-friendly materials. Simple and elegant, it lacks the amenities of any luxury resort except for the swimming pool. With very little concrete constructions, you’ll feel like living in a forest. Rooms are large enough to accommodate a family of four. The wooden bridge in there resort is quite large for a private property, adding to the majesty of the resort.

Club Mahindra Resort Poovar

If you are not sure about which resort to choose for your stay in Poovar, then Club Mahindra Poovar Resort is the answer. Operated by one of largest business houses in India, the resort puts guest first and profit second which is evident even in petty things. Club Mahindra can anticipate guests’ priorities as the staff over there are more experienced than any other resort in Poovar.

Over The Hill Resort

While staying close to the beach is a priority for travelers preferring beach destinations, the sea view from a cliff or hill is equally amazing. Over The Hill Resort is located in a cliff overlooking the sea (Varkala has more resorts of the similar kind). The resort has a tennis court and an infinity pool with direct view of the sea. It’s a very small resort with only 7 rooms and prior reservation is recommended.

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