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Top 10 Best Bars and Pubs in Chennai

For a city blamed for its pathetic night life, Chennai’s pubs and bars come as a rescue. Drinks can be quite costly at five star hotels which operate the best bars and pubs in Chennai. Among them Park Hotels in Nungambakkam holds the top rank which is a preferred spot for Chennai’s party animals.

Unlike Bangalore, one of the best places in India for partying and drinking which has world famous liquor brands stocked in every bar, imported beers and liquors are served only in premium bars. Complimentary Side dishes are served in most bars but the pubs charge for them. Pubs also demand a strict dress code and those with dance floor limit entry to couple only. We have listed the top 10 best bars and pubs in chennai READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

The in-house pubs of 5 star hotels are operated on par with international standards. Pasha by The Park is perhaps the top rated pub in Chennai for the past many years. Distil bar at Vivanta by Taj Connemara is a place nobody would have any complaints about even after numerous visits. The quality of service and the choice of spirits are always maintained at high standards.

For cocktail lovers, the mojitos, martinis and margharitas at Distil Bar are quite the right choice. Havana at Rain Tree hotels another spot where Salsa nights and a beautiful dance floor makes way for a wonderful experience. Gatsby 2000 in Crown Plaza (Adyar Park) is a premium night club which restricts entry to members only except on certain occasions. On New Year eve, these pubs announce events with a huge mark-up in entry tickets thus making it affordable only to the super rich and celebrities. Out of the Top 10 best bars in Chennai, about 60% are located in near T Nagar and Nungambakam.

T Nagar has many cheap bars in the city as well as a few good ones. Eagle bar near T Nagar bus stand is the best with a large floor and screen ideal for sports nights. IPL cricket season attracts huge crowd to the bar. Watching a cricket match in a Chennai bar is sheer fun. Beware of pubs who charge exorbitant prices for imported liquor and beer and an additional luxury and service tax which is reflected only in the final bill amount.

Always look at the bottom of the menu for the extra tax levied in additional to the price mentioned against menu items. 10 Downing street and Bike and Barrels are a sensation among city’s youth while The Vault Bar exchange is very unique in theme. Ladies night at 10 Downing street (Wednesdays) and Gatsby attract a lot of women these days.

Top 10 Best Bars and Pubs in Chennai

Independent pubs like Illusions and Zara have been very successful through aggressive promotions and world class service including DJ and cocktails made by trained professionals. Though these bars are not cheaper by any means, these places have now hundreds of regulars. Discotheques are usually operated till late hours beyond the allowed time. Private parties are conducted in bungalows for closed groups but it has its own risks. Q Bar in Hilton and the Turf bar in La Waterina Kottivakkam are good ones for a relaxed evening. 365 AS at Hyatt Regency is a class bar with a wide choice of imported liquor. Q bar is a place where you find a lot of girls especially on ladies night but don’t mistake it for a pick up joint.

Kipling in ECR away from city limits is a perfect weekend hangout spot. Kipling however lacks the energy one finds in places like The Aqua in The Park.  Among the resorts in ECR, VGP’s Golden bar, Titoas Resto bar and Kailash are decent enough. Sea Crest Restaurant & Bar in MGM Beach Resort is perhaps the best in EC. For those willing to travel a little longer, Radisson Temple Bay and Grande Bay are definitely good choices.

OMR has its share of good spots including in-house bars at The Gateway Hotel, Aloft, Fortune hotel, IBIS Novotel and The Central point. The bar in Kohinoor Asiana in Navalur, OMR is another good spot with friendly staff. It has a snooker table too. Gems Inn Resort is another place in IT highway worth the mention.

Clubs like Cosmopolitan, Presidency and MRC Race Club are operated only for members. Private functions and parties at these venue offer more privacy hence ideal ford closed group of friends and relatives. Celebrity corporate club operates a bar in Mount road, but the one in Padappai is better.

Andhra Club is a premium club where getting membership is quite hard. Boat club is also a great place to spend an evening over drinks. Roof-top bars are a big hit in Chennai as it is very hot for the most part of the year. Pergola at Accord Metropolitan, High lounge in Raintree Alwarpet and La Waterina are the best roof-top bars in Chennai.

Most of the best bars and pubs in Chennai are located in the central business district in Nungambakkam, T Nagar and Cathedral road. Night clubs which are open only to private members are also abundant in these locations. Illegally run dance bars also come into existence every now and then. HFO in sterling road is the famous discotheque in Chennai with a large dance floor. Ladies night is also very popular in HFO which sees a large turnout. Bars in 5 star hotels like Grand Chola, Taj Coromandel, Hotel Leela, Radisson BLU and JW Mariott are great places with the best food if you have a fat wallet. For a peaceful ambience without loud music, Geffrey's pub and Plan B (B-Bar) are better than most places. Geoffrey's pub in Hotel Radha Regent attracts moderate crowd that too only on weekends. Plan B at Somerset serviced apartments in MRC nagar is also a great place which isn't crowded except on special occasions like New Year events.

Most bars have a non-smoking policy and some have separate area for smokers and non-smokers. Quite a few places have hookah. Check Nearbuy (Groupon) regularly for happy hours and other offers like unlimited beer and drinks with starters for a standard tariff. Coupons from Nearbuy have many conditions and please read through them carefully before buying them. Our final piece of advice to our readers is to always check price of drinks and taxes applicable before ordering them.

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