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10 Best Masinagudi Resorts

Masinagudi Resorts offer great stay on the edge of wild forest. Forget luxury, resorts in Masinagudi are rated based on how close they are to nature. It is very hard to list the best resorts in a place like Masinagudi. The Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary comprises five mountain ranges and Masinagudi is the most popular.The park which is declared as a Tiger reserve has many restrictions for construction of resorts as it might disturb the wildlife. The factors to consider rating of 5 star hotels in a metropolitan city is quite easy, but tourists visiting Masinagudi don’t look for air-conditioned rooms, spa and gym. They look out for sheer adventure. After all, beyond a certain point, luxury is what makes us look back at ourselves.

In Masinagudi, hotel accommodation starts as cheap as Rs. 800 per night, but they may not serve the purpose. While Masinagudi hotels are comfortable to stay, the adventure part would be missing and tourists should instead choose to stay in any of the resorts in the jungle.  Most of the hotels include food in the tariff, but cheap hotels while charging less for the room may charging exorbitant prices for the food. So while choosing a hotel in Masinagudi, even if it through booking portals like makemytrip or tripadvisor, make sure you double check what is included in the package before making a decision.

Cottages, Treehouses, Homestays, Jungle Huts and Inns are common modes of accommodation in Masinagudi. Masinagudi Resorts are quite costly when considering the amenities they provide. But it is the location of the resort that justifies the tariff in Masinagudi.

Club Mahindra is preferred by rich tourists and truly stand out in terms of service and amenities. Masinagudi is sandwiched between Bandipur Wildlife sanctuary and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Room Tariff starts from Rs. 800 for budget stays and goes up all the way to Rs.30000 or more for premium suites in ultra luxury resorts.

10 Best Masinagudi Resorts deep in the Jungle

Wilderness is an important factor to consider while choosing a resort in Masinagudi. Adventure tourists are the largest crowd in Masinagudi. So except the few costly resorts like Club Mahindra, cozy amenities are not to be expected in most resorts. There are few which have a swimming pool and bar, which is really good for unwinding. About 90% of resorts are not suitable for families with kids unless the kids are fans of Animal Planet and National Geograhic channels. Camping is not advised without proper guidance even within the premises of resorts. While Jungle accommodation is provided by independent operators, make sure you have experienced tourist guide by your side and it is definitely not for the weak hearted.

While much of the Nilgiris is urbanized, Masinagudi resorts are very eco-friendly and use of plastic bags are restricted. So it is better not to carry them especially if you are venturing into the forest.

Inn The Wild is an eco-friendly resort built using clay, rocks, bamboo and very little wood. According to Tripadvisor ratings Bamboo Banks Farm Guest House is the most rated resort with excellent reviews followed by Jungle Hut. The Mithun Chakraborthy promoted Monarch Resorts near Gudalur is a good option if you are traveling from Ooty to Masinagudi. The Bear Mountain Jungle resort has become quite popular with tourists traveling from Bangalore as it arranges camp sites deep in the Jungle. Safari rides and Elephant rides which take you through the safe passages in the jungle are provided by a handful of resorts.

The tariff depends on the reputation of the resorts and not on the amenities. SafariLand Resort Bokkapuram is small by any standards, but it is well booked in advance as it enjoys good reviews in Tripadvisor and Makemytirp. SafariLand also provides the best tree house accommodation in Mudumalai forest. Jungle Retreat Masinagudi is an eco-resort deep in the jungle famous for its natural swimming pool which can be counted among the best in South India. Jungle Hut is a good resort to spend time with kids. For honeymoon couples, we would advice to stay either in Monarch or Club Mahindra resort.

Mudumalai Wild Inn Resort has stone cottages and British Bungalows with mountain views inside the jungle. The resort specializes in group events up to 100 members which cover accommodation, food, day and night jungle safari as well as trip to Ooty. Glen View Resorts promotes eco-tourism and they mostly provide huts and tree houses built entirely using eco-friendly materials. If you are travelling from Bangalore to Masinagudi, always keep in mind that the Bandipur forest check post closes at 9 PM. If you miss the schedule, then you are stuck on the other side of the national park till 6.30 AM when it re-opens.
Camping in the deep forests is great fun and Campfire Nights provides jungle accommodation which captures animals in the proximity of the resorts through a trail camera which is proof of the abundant wildlife near the jungle lodge. Nature lovers should opt for resorts like Forest Hills Farm & Guest House which can be very costly but nevertheless provide an altogether different experience.

Secret Ivory Farm and Guest House is located near TamilNadu – Karnataka border which is more convenient for travelers from Bangalore to Masinagudi. It is frequented by wild elephants and hence guests should stay indoors after dark or have a guide by the side if you are planning a barbeque or campfire. Tiger Paw resort has mixed reviews in Tripadvisor though it promises to provide luxury accommodation and amenities.

Masinagudi weather is pleasant throughout the year except during the summer when temperature reaches 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. So during summer, it is advisable to stay in luxury resorts which have air-conditioned rooms, swimming pool and covered by thick forest.

Wild Wood Haven is a modern resort with concrete buildings resembling urban bungalows. It arranges elephant safaris inside the forest, but it lacks the greenery and views which is common among Masinagudi resorts. Most Resorts in Masinagudi have a standard check-in time at 12.00 PM noon. So if you are traveling from Bangalore, you can start early morning and plan your lunch at the resort. However, advance booking is advised because you’ll end up paying more prices for a bad resort if you don’t book in advance. Also resorts don’t provide the necessary gear for trekking, camping and safari unless they specify it exclusively.

Green Park resorts offer individual villas in Masinagudi. It has an attached bar which is rare to find in Masinagudi. Deep Jungle home is located deep in the jungle and preferred by wild life photographers. However, it is a good place to spot rich flora and fauna suitable for wildlife enthusiasts.Mahindra Zest has resort in Masinagudi called Casa deep wood set amidst dense forests. The luxury resort tariff is quite high. Belleview Resort, Mist Valley Resort, New Mountania Resort and Mudumalai Holiday Village are some of the good budget resorts in Masinagudi.

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