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6 Best Treehouses in Munnar close to nature

If you are planning to stay in Munnar, consider these Best Treehouses in Munnar for a wonderful experience close to Mother Nature.  Recommended for adventure travelers, the Munnar Treehouse stays offer stunning views of the forest landscape. While many resorts boast about their Treehouses, only a handful are good enough in terms of security, comfort and service.

Nature Zone Resort

Nature Zone Resort offers a lot of activities viz. Rock Climbing, Rappling, Trekking, Camping and Bird Watching. With the help of expert guides, you can explore nature while enjoying your stay in their magnificent Treehouses built with the help of an experienced tribal. African Safari tent stays are also available.

Rooms & Amenities:

African Safari Tents are offered for Rs.9500 per night while Treehouse stays cost Rs.10000 and Rs.12000 during peak season. Campfire, Breakfast buffet and dinner or lunch buffet is included in the cost.

Elac Ecoland Nature Retreat

Elac Ecoland Nature Retreat is located at about 10 Kms from Munnar. Built among a canopy of tall trees along the banks of a stream, the views from the Treehouses are just amazing. Though maintenance of Treehouses is very costly, Ela Ecoland maintains it to guests’ satisfaction at all times.

Rooms & Amenities:

There is a Treehouse and some rock cottages. The kitchen staff prepares food on request. Guests are welcome to make their own food as well. They arrange elephant rides which are quite amazing. Without any luxury and not even power backup, the rates are often upwards of Rs.5000 which makes the stay quite costly.

Dream Catcher Resort Treehouse

Dream Catcher has four Treehouses built amidst tea plantation. The wooden passage that leads to the Treehouses is good. Unlike most Treehouses in Munnar, the Treehouses are very luxurious with a large balcony opening to the tea plantations.

Rooms & Amenities:

Apart from Treehouse which cost Rs.10000 or more, the resort has conventional rooms starting at Rs. 3700. The Spa offer ayurvedic massage and treatments at reasonable prices. There is a nature pool, restaurant and a conference hall. Regular campfire is set in a small hut.

Munnar Inn

Munnar Inn is a conventional hotel located in central Munnar, but it also operates a Treehouse amidst cardamom plantations.

Rooms & Amenities:

Deluxe and Super Deluxe rooms cost Rs.1900 and Rs. 2300 respectively. Treehouse cost Rs.2500 per night which is the cheapest Treehouse Stay in Munnar.

Seven Springs Plantation Resort

Seven Springs is located about 10 Kms from Munnar in Letchmi estate.The Treehouse offer luxury stay and is well maintained. Not a luxury resort by standards, it is close to nature at a mountain top with breath taking views.

Rooms & Amenities:

There are 27 Deluxe rooms well furnished with ample space. Conventional rooms cost Rs. 3000 to 5000 depending on season while Treehouse tariff fluctuates between Rs. 6500 and 10000.Jeep Safari, Trekking and Plantation tours are arranged on request. The restaurant serves a limited menu.

Other Treehouses in Munnar

Jungle JiveTreehouse is a two storied treehouse in Munnar set amidst rich tea and cardamom plantations. It is strictly not a standard treehouse by looks.

Misty Munnar Treehouse is located in Chinnakkanal, it is a small hotel with a Treehouse at the back.

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