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Top 10 Best resorts in kerala

Resorts in Kerala are spread across popular tourist destinations like Kumarakom, Wayanad and Kovalam. Resorts in God's own country are themed around concepts like ayurvedic resorts, beach resorts, jungle resorts (including tree houses), backwater resorts and boat houses.

Kerala is home to many kinds of resorts like the Hill Resorts of Munnar which are surrounded by tea plantations and someof them even have good tree houses. Kumarakom has many Lakeside resorts with world class luxury amenities often visited by the rich and the famous. We have listed the best resorts in kerala for you READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Kerala as a tourist destination offers many distinct places of interest including beaches, tropical forest, hill stations, backwaters etc. The Pooveri Island resort is one of its kind in Kerala which offers impeccable accommodation and a refreshing getaway. Resorts in Poovar are very unique and are located off the mainland and accessible only by boat ride.

Top 10 Best resorts in kerala

Poovar Island Resort, Marari Beach Resort, The Leela Kovalam, Kumarakom Lake Resort, Panoramic Gateway and Tall Trees Munnar are some of the best resorts in Kerala. Except a ski resort, Kerala has all types of resorts conceivable by mankind.

CGH Earth, the award winning eco friendly resort chain has more resorts in Kerala than any other state in India. CGH’s Marai Beach resort in Mararikulam is very popular among foreign tourists and few of them send many days exploring the coastal village life in harmony with nature. Fresh catch fish is always a prime attraction in Mararikulam. Brunton Boatyard in Cochin is a colonial house on the shores of Arabian Sea with spectacular views.

The Leela Kovalam is celebrated as Kerala’s fantastic luxury property though it is not as fascinating as those resorts in Jungle or stuck in thick forest. For optimal experience, resorts like Tall Tree and Vythiri tree house stays are recommended which reflect the true soul of Kerala.

Extravagance is not to be expected in Kerala hotels since the state tourism corporation itself doesn’t encourage and so are the tourists. Unlike Goa where thrill, chill and fun are the theme, visitors to The God’s Own Country seek to spend time in harmony with nature. Even shopping should be limited to spices and ayruvedic products as other products are little costly than elsewhere in India.

There are hundreds of resorts around Munnar, but except very few all of them are close to nature without any urban influence. Tea estate bungalows, cottages, homestays, ayruvedic resorts, backwater resorts, boat houses, beach resorts, tree houses and mud huts are some of the unique types of stays available in kerala. Ayurvedic wellness treatments are offered in most of the popular resorts. But if your primary purpose of visit is health and wellness, better opt the specialty therapeutic wellness centers with experienced professionals.

Winner of the "Certificate of Excellence" from TripAdvisor, Bansura hill resort is often described as the "Mud haven of Kerala". The asia's first and largest eco-friendly mud resort was planned and architected by the famous Indian architect Eugene Pandala.

Bansura hill resort is entirely built using mud, bamboo and leaves with little cement for binding. Nestled amidst 35 acres of plantations (tea, pepper and coffee) at an altitude of 3500 ft above sea level, staying in the resort is a marvelous experience.

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