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Top 10 Best Resorts in Munnar for tourists, couples and team outings

Resorts in munnar has a resort for every budget with best rooms and facilities. Obviously, the luxury resorts are the best. A weekend day holiday package in luxury hotels like The Panoramic Getaway can cost one Lakh rupees. However, there are better alternatives in the budget category that are equally good.

Some of them are excel in terms of rooms, amenities and facilities while other put more emphasis on guest services, cleaniness and comfort. But in the end, the focus is on maximizing travelers’ pleasure and satisfaction. While reviews in Tripadvisor will definitely help you choose your resort, we have done enough research either by directly visiting the resorts or in some cases experiencing the stay as well READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10.

Top 10 Best Resorts in Munnar

For short term tourists traveling by public transport, hotels near downtown are the best choice. The hotels offer very little free space other than the balcony found in few hotels. Some have in-house restaurants, but cheap hotels lack even that and you have to depend on room service to buy food from outside. As a note of caution for budget travelers, we strongly recommend tourists to go too far when bargain hunting for resorts. The cheap resorts are to be avoided from your list.

Club Mahindra is one of the finest resort in Munnar. The resort is inspired by Indo-British architecture which is evident in the every structure and furniture. Rooms are constructed with wooden panels and blocks and they all have big windows and balconies opening to lush green tea gardens. The balconies are cozy and big. Club Mahindra members can book rooms under their free holidays plan.

Sterling Holidays, a unit of Thomas Cook runs a resort here. Terrace Gardens by Sterling is one of the oldest resort. It is located away from the town is a serene atmosphere overlooking lush green hill. Munnar’s specialty is the beautiful tea gardens which also serve as good locations for building resorts. One such famous resort is the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation owned KTDC Tea County. The owned resort offers spectacular views of the surrounding plantations. Though the stay is quite costly, the location, food and rooms justify the price.

Munnar has about a dozen luxury resorts if you are ready to spend a lot. These resorts are close to the Munnar downtown or the highways and hence overpriced especially during peak season. But if you choose to stay away from the Munnar downtown deep in the woods, there are about a dozen good resorts which are fairly priced. One among them is Aranyaka Resorts, a rather new resort opened in 2001. Aranyaka has individual cottages in Pallivasal Estate fondly referred to as “The Gateway of Tata Tea Estates”. For economy accommodation and long stay, Aranyaka offers a homestay close to the resort.

Munnar is a very famous honeymoon destination in Kerala. Some resorts like The Wind, It offer the privacy expected by honey moon couples with even entertaining food orders from the rooms. The Wind sits on a cliff and hence the balcony still gives an option to enjoy fresh air and valley view whenever you wish. Jeep safari is arranged on request.

The Tall Trees resort is unique in many ways. True its name, the resorts hides inside a thick canopy of tall trees. The owners of the resort have put guest satisfaction above everything else even while they built it. The cottages and restaurant are carefully designed to provide utmost comfort. At the end of your stay you are guaranteed to feel that you had spent your vacation in your private estate.

Munnar is home to some of the best luxury hotels and resorts in India. Some of them boast on of a kind facilities and experience. While Tall trees resort offers sheer adventure amidst a sprawling 65 acre estate, The Panoramic Gateway has a helipad to transfer guests from Cochin international airport in their own helicopter in just 30 minutes.

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