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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mahabalipuram

A coastaltown and world heritage site in Tamilnadu, Mahabalipuram has some of best restaurants in the statewhich specialise in western cuisines. While tripadvisor has reviews and rating for only few, the best dining in Mamallapuram are often visited only by educated tourists.

Foreign tourists should take caution what to eat in Mamallapuram. Small restaurants saves money but most of them do not have a professional chef. However, fine dining in Mahabalipuram is only offered in star hotels and resorts which is otherwise flooded with low class restaurants serving cheapfood.

Local tourists from around Tamilnadu especially from Chennai who visit on a day trip to Mahabalipuram can try these restaurants in ECR road between Chennai and Mahabalipuram.However, international tourists who stay for a long time and travel by foot, bicycles or auto rickshaws have to choose their restaurant locally based on taste, menu, price, location and ambience. Local restaurants serve mostly a la carte and none of the small restaurants in Mahabalipuram serve buffet.

If you are looking for restaurants in ECR, then our list on the Top 10 Restaurants in ECR, Chennai can provide some guidance. Most of the western cuisine restaurants in Mahabalipuram are lined up in Othavadai Street which is very narrow.Also restaurants in Othavadai street do not have sufficient parking except near the rear end which opens up to the beach.After considering many factors such as cuisine styles, Menu, food freshness, interiors, consistency in taste, location, food price, staff friendliness etc., we have listed the Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mahabalipuram.

#1 Moonrakers

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Mahabalipuram

Moonrakers (refers to people from Wiltshire, a county in England) wins in all aspects that describe a good restaurant location, ambience, taste, fresh food, friendly staff, professional chef and above all an experience you'll cherish.

All the three levels in Moonrakers are crowded all the time as it is one of the few restaurants with good tables and chairs (most restaurants here score poor when it comes to ambience). Rated as the best restaurant in Mamallapuram, Moonrakers serves authentic cuisines from around the world prepared by professional chefs. Moonrakers scores high in seafood like calamari, prawns and lobsters. Try the grilled and fried ones with a drink for dinner.

#2 The Wharf, Radisson BLU

The wharf with some good positive reviews in Tripadvisor, oprates in the premises of Radisson BLUTemple bay. The restaurant which is perhaps the costliest in Mahabalipuram can cost upto INR 2500 for a person to have a satisfactory meal.

An evening spent with your loved ones in the beach restaurant would offer an amazing experience which would linger for years. It lives up the expectations of every traveller and sits right on the beach. Never miss the pomfret tawa fry when your visit Wharf.

#3 Alokosay Restaurant

Alokosay is located in the famous othvadai street which houses other popular restaurants and leads to the shore. The restaurant is rated No. 1 is Tripadvisor based on reviews. While it wins in taste and stands ahead by a mile, the infrastructure isn't good enough. Besides, it doesn't offer the much sought after sea view which is key to making your beach holidays a pleasant experience.

Like many of the restaurants in the street, it offers fresh sea food viz. Lobsters, calamari, grilled fish, prawns etc. , but be prepared for a hefty bill and could match five star restaurants.

#4 The New Cafe

The New Cafe occupies a key location in the famous Othavadai Street in Mahabalipuram. Meticulously prepared dishes are served by friendly staffs which keep it going good after many years of service and still a preferred spot for tasty seafood dishes including prawns, lobsters, calamari etc.

The restaurant is operated by Lakshmi lodge which is one of the oldest in Mahabalipuram. Food for twocosts around INR 500 with a main course for each along with averagely priced seafood dish. Beer is served cold and costs extra.

#5 Nautilus

Nautilus is located in Othavadai Street. The restaurant is very popular among locals and for foreign tourists it is recommended as a must visit after few days of visit either by locals or by guides. Some of the popular dishes include beef steak which is rarely served in Indian restaurants.

Unlike the old days, Othavadai Street is frequented by local tourists especially from Chennai. So restaurants like Nautilus include dishes that'd bring repeat customers and taste and pricing are two things which play a key role in customer retention.

#6 Sea Shore Garden Restaurant

Sea Shore restaurant occupies the most important location in Mamallapuram. Located in the sea shore offering first breeze, you get to have your food while cherishing at the marvellous site of the famous shore temple which fulfils 99% of the purpose of visit for most tourists.

Especially in the evenings, a cold beer along with fresh sea food is a heavenly treat not to miss. Prices are matched for foreign tourists to provide them with the best ingredients and fresh sea food, so local tourists may find it costly. The meal for two would cost INR 1000 on an average without the drinks.

#7 Le Palais Croisette Restaurant & German Bakery

Located on the rooftop of Hotel Ramakrishna in Othavadai Street, this restaurant offers free wi-fi which is rare among restaurants in Mamallapuram. Famous for Italian dishes particularly pasta, the place is pretty much kept clean. One thing that’s common among all restaurants in the Mamallapuram is the unfair pricing of dishes.

While the vegetarian starters which are familiar with western tourists are priced fair enough, the local speciality dishes are always priced very high (though in some restaurants the quantity and taste justifies the price

#8 A2B Vegetarian Restaurant

A2B vegetarian restaurant opened its doors only a few years back. From the house of Adyar Anand Bhavan, the restaurant offers vegetarians delicacies of South India/

So if you are tired of all the pastas, pizzas, steak, sea food and chicken, then this place could really break it and offer a refreshing experience. Don’t miss the traditional filter coffee, Mysore bonda, sweet boli which the restaurant is famous for.

#9 L'attitude

L''attitude serves gourmet food (a vague term which has lost its sheen). It is the newest in the pack which offers a great atmosphere and strives to give a great dining experience. While most of the dishes cost the same as any cheap looking restaurants in othavadai street, you might end up paying a lot more as the quantity per serving s a lot less.

The menu has some the names unheard of in India viz. Pumpkin and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup, Minestra Di Ceci, Salpicon de MariscoBuddha’s Feast ( veg pack).

#10 Gecko Cafe

When we chose to do the list on restaurants in Mahabalipuram, Gecko Cafe is one of the restaurants which we did not want to miss. Located in Othavadai Cross Street, this place has a cult following not to mention about the awards it has won.

Like many famous old world restaurants of the coastal town, Gecko cafe is incredibly small, simple and lacks any comfort found in many beach resorts that have sprung up in Mahabalipuram lately. A meal for two can cut your wallet deep and costs INR.1500 upwards for a moderate fill.