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Top 10 Best Astrologers in Chennai

Astrology is an ancient science and art which is practised since pre-historic times in India. From times immemorial, human beings are always fascinated about knowing their future. Chennai is home to some of the best astrologers in India. with Guru Peyarchi scheduled in 11th August 2016, famous astrologers in Chennai are already attracting a lot of attention.

In Tamil culture, the norm is to seek an astrologer whenever a new endeavour is made. Astrologers are inevitable when one prepares for marriage. Horoscope matching is an integral part of the early stages of matching process. Unless the horoscopes are in perfect match, marriage talks are not kicked off no matter what. We have done a quite amount of research on astrologers in Chennai and here are the best among them READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10.

The most famous astrologers are sought after by political leaders, businessmen and movie stars. While perfect predictions win monetary benefits to astrologers (For instance, Dr. Jayalalitha gifted Rs. 10 Lakh to Unnikrishna Panicker for prediction her win in 2011 assembly elections).

Top 10 Best Astrologers in Chennai who are Predictions Perfect

A few astrologers in the city is known to enjoy premium clientele and they limit their service only to them. But with the advent of online astrology, new age astrologers have gone online and even tied up with matrimonial sites. A.R.Balakrishna Reddy, who appears in RajTV is an expert in astrology as well as many other services including Samuthrika Lakshanam and Gemology. Palm reading is a used along with horoscope to make certain predictions which is influenced largely by the person's current characters.

CNR Srikanth is a Chennai based astrologer who has web portal and serves even NRIs who is famous for his remedies to negate bad effects. As a result of urbanisation, astrologers from Thanjavur (a place where Tamil astrology find its root) have moved to Chennai. But still, one kind of astrology called Nadi astrology is preserved in Vaitheeswaran koil in Sirkazhi.

In Tambaram, a suburb of Chennai, Nadi astrology is practised by Kausika Agasthiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam and Pandit Vijay and Durai Subburathinam are the most sought after Nadi astrologers in Chennai.

While many astrologers suggest visiting temples and performing poojas as remedies to negate bad effects, few astrologers in Chennai have built big business around this. Wearing gem stones in rings or pendants is remedy which has gained roots into our culture quite recently. Gem stone astrology is a lucrative business, thanks to Television channels for making them so popular in the last few decades. Padmashri gems and Rajat Nayar are foremost gem consultants in Chennai and trusted by the very famous and the powerful.

Numerology is another theme in modern astrology which is built around changing ones name to match certain elements of horoscope including birth date and time. Mrs. Saroja Raman is one of the trusted numerologists in Chennai. Numerology is often boasted as the science of numbers though without the mathematical tone. But numerology is all about art and there is no trace of science element in it.

Vasthu constultancy is another field of astrology which has become so popular with the real estate boom. In Chennai, none of the building plans are made without a vasthu consultant. Till the modern era, astrology used be provided as a free service and astrologers were revered by the community. Later, beneficiaries made a dakhsan (perks out of will) to their favourite astrologers.

But as astrologers struggled to meet their ends, they started charging money for their service. Chennai has hundreds of astrologers practising the ancient, but not many do it with passion but only for money. We have done a quite amount of research on astrologers in Chennai and here are the best among them.

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